Used technologies

System architecture

Two-layer architecture

This architecture is also known as client-server. All data is stored in a central computer - database server. The advantage of this architecture is the fact that any number of clients work on the same latest data. The database administration is easier because there is only one central copy.

Centura 2000 (Gupta, CTD 2000)

Three-layer architecture - web applications

It is basically a two-layer architecture follow-up. There is a database server again but accompanied with an application server which is usually close to the database one so that it has quick access to the data. The client is connected through thin user interface while the application and data processing run on the application server. This structure does not usually require any installation on client side.

The application server is designed to meet the application requirements and any upgrades or modifications are done once at one spot. If the thin client is a web browser (typical model), the application can be run from anywhere in the world without an installation.

PHP, Apache, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, RSS, SEO, W3C standards

Database systems

Mikropost has realized a number of projects and got experience with a wide range of database systems:

  • Sybase
  • Interbase/Firebird
  • MS SQL
  • SQLBase
  • Oracle
  • MySQL

Operating systems

  • Windows
  • Linux, Solaris