Dynamic growth

Since 2002, Mikropost has been co-operating with Czech Post on Postabo information system used for magazines subscription administration.

Recently, Mikropost has intensified its sales activities and extended three-layer architecture based products portfolio as follows:

  • internet portal Periodik.cz
  • geographic information system GeoKompaKt
  • presentation tool Monitor
  • universal database tools for managers and administrators

Company development

In 1992 Mikropost decided to direct its attention to multi-user information systems client-server using Windows OS on client side and SQL server on the other one. This turned out to be a crutial step.

The first one of a range of client-server applications was supplied in 1993.

Between years 1996 and 1998, Mikropost realized its largest project up to that point. It was an overall information system for PNS, a.s. (circa 250 users).

The beginning of the new millennium was characterized by upcoming co-operation with german company Henke&Partner and deepening co-operation with publishers in the Slovak Republic.

Company background

In 1990 - 1992 Mikropost realized a large project in PNS company. It was a overall installation of an application called: „Volný prodej a zpracování remitendy" in all districts in the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic (circa 140 installations). The software was developed in character based language FoxPro. The success of this project is proved by the fact that it was used in day-to-day operation for ten years.